Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Driving through the Storm

As I left work today, a thunderstorm swirled around the college. I stopped to use the restroom and the electric went out (that is one dark place without the lights-thank goodness for emergency back-up). By the time I reached my car, the wind blew the rain sideways and pounded my Jeep. I tried to drive out of the parking lot, but only made it as far as the front of the building. I watched the rain pour, the trees bend and leafy debris sail to the ground. This was the beginning of my journey to New Orleans. Before I could pack my bags and fly to the Big Easy, I had to get home. 

About twenty minutes later than usual, I rolled into my driveway and walked into my house to find my dog Tater terribly upset. He hates storms. So he and I commiserated over the torrential rain and loud wind and settled in for an evening comfort with Tim and Olive. A nice respite before I pack my bags tomorrow.

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