Sunday, June 26, 2011

Encouragement and Discovery

Sunday in the Big Easy turned out to be another amazing day. Despite a wave of homesickness, I trekked around the convention center one more time and discovered that two of my favorite children's authors were signing their books. I found Lois Elhert, an incredible artist who writes and illustrates her own books and Will Hillenbrand who lives in Terrace Park (Cincinnati) and draws some adorable characters. Later I hit the Swap and Shop to find fun ideas for our library's publications.Then, this afternoon I heard from six writers whose first book is currently being published. I found encouragement and hope for my writing. 

I have to say that the folks in Louisiana are some of the kindest people I have ever met. Every waiter, waitress, shuttle driver, door attendant, concierge, etc. have been so helpful. I am thankful to be surrounded by courteous folks. 

Now if I can just get my back and legs rested up for tomorrow, I'll be all set! 

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  1. you make it sound dreamy. I'm especially happy you are having a good time and are learning some new things.

    I do hope you find time to rest!


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