Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Heading Home

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...home. New Orleans has treated me well. I've enjoyed the hospitality, the history and the beauty of this part of  America. I loved experiencing the seafood and the spicy soups. The beignets pleased my tastebuds, but now I am ready to bite into a juicy Wendy's cheeseburger or a slice of LaRosa's pizza.

I've learned that new experiences stretch me and keep me from being stagnant and I appreciate them so much. But I am looking forward to hugging my hubby, hearing my dogs bark as they jump on me and hanging with my kids and grandkids. When Maggie picks me up at CVG, she will find a tired but happy mama. I've lived in bookland for five days and now I must go home and incorporate all I've absorbed and learned into my world. One of the things I loved about this event was meeting so many kind authors, all so friendly and giving of advice. I worked on my own novel some and have ideas for a picture book story I've been trying to write for a few years. I am blessed!

With my trip coming to an end, I will continue blogging about life after 50.

So much could happen...

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