Friday, June 24, 2011

Tired Feet

Woke up at 6am and made my way to Jackson Square by 8am. There I met some lovely library folks from Mississippi. We were all prepared to visit the French Quarter. A stop at the Cafe Du Monde covered us with powdered sugar. The beignets melt in your mouth. They reminded me of the county fair and the funnel cakes that you drip all over yourself as you eat them. On to many historic places where some of America's finest literature and art were created; including the residence of Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner and John James Audubon. 

The antique buildings in the French Quarter reflect the celebration spirit of the city with their colorful faces and trims. The numerous balconies wore draping, vining plants. We walked by a mask factory, and we heard street music. We also walked by Bourbon street and to be honest the odor was rather unpleasant. Oh well, it is a city. I love the palm trees, so many different kinds, squatty, towering, clumped together. They offer some much needed shade. The temps are high but a nice breeze kept us from overheating. 

I enjoyed the tour and I loved finding the odd little details, and here there are many. Now off to register officially for the conference and scope out the conference center. Hope all is well in Ohio.

A la prochaine / See you later...



  1. sounds like a lovely day to explore the French Quarter!

  2. It was Kathi, a bit overcast and not too hot.


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