Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Stories They Tell

I am packed. Except for the last minute items, my bags are sitting waiting for pick up tomorrow. These same bags just traveled to Wyoming and back with my daughter and her family. Sometimes I think about objects from a human point of view and wonder what stories they could tell. Like a house that welcomed many different families over the years, or a shopping cart used by so many different people; would they speak kindly of their occupant or tell some wild and crazy story. 

Tomorrow I might wonder about my airplane seat and who sat in it before me. Were they traveling to meet a loved one or were they running away to a new life. Perhaps a relaxing vacation or a reunion with old schoolmates awaited them. At any rate, I hope that seat keeps me safe and makes my travels easy. 

Lunch with Sara, Maggie and Eli, supper with Tim and a few hours to relax... then off to the conference. 

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  1. Hmm...Penny, I thought you'd have something in your blog today by now! Either you are really tired, or you have been doing some fun things.

    I expect to see something tomorrow, ok?



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