Monday, June 27, 2011


Today I stood along the mighty Mississippi River. A few paddle boats cruised by as the sun beat down and hurried me back into the air conditioning. I walked through the Riverwalk Mall and met a delightful woman who designed all the clothes in her store, as well as dyed the fabric. She told me she could tell I was an artsy girl. I took that as a compliment (especially the "girl" part). 

In the afternoon I attended what I consider the highlight of the conference, the Gale Authors Tea. Nevada Barr, Susan Wiggs and her daughter,  Eleanor Brown, Dorthea Frank, and Amanda Williams entertained us with stories about their experience as authors. Amanda Williams shared her struggles with dyslexia and how she eventually learned to read and pursue a career as a writer. What an inspiration. Three of the authors are New York Times best selling authors, the others first time authors. I enjoyed hearing from them all.

I have been blessed to attend the conference and I am thankful for the experience. And now...I am ready to go home. 

Flying out tomorrow at 11:10.

Maggie-please remember to pick me up :)

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